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Making Sense of Emerging Technology Markets



AYDEN CDG is in the business of developing companies, growth initiatives and new ventures in the emerging technology and international economic development sectors. We specialize in pioneering ecosystem development, designing strategies to advance new technologies and industries for Private Equity, Corporate and Public Policy clients.


We do this through in-house projects and by building initiatives with partners, collaborators and clients under several flexible work arrangements. Partnering, Contracts, Retainers & Contingency, Deal Finding,

At this stage, we are focused on building out our practice in Blockchain and Blockchain adjacent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and IoT and Robotics.

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2017 - Capability Lens – A new kind of industry analysis for emerging industries

2018 - Canvas Method - Build out of modular analytical frameworks for converging tech industries

2019 - Ecosystem Strategies - Research & development into theories of digital ecosystem development

2020 - Recombinant Technologies - Investment thesis development & book

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Today's technology industries are hyper-modular, hyper-granular and hyper-dynamic. Analyzing emerging markets has changed drastically in the modern era. The latest technologies threatening to disrupt the old order are behaving differently than tech advances of the past. Algorithm technologies like AI, Blockchain and Big Data, are capabilities rather than products. They emerge as services that can not be separated from the platforms and ecosystems in which they exist. As such, the old ways of tracking their development must also be transformed if we are to capture and measure their impact.


Companies, organizations and institutions must rise to the challenge of contending with increased complexity in order to plan, invest and manage risk.

Since 2017, Ayden Corporate Development Group has recognized that a whole new paradigm of analysis is needed to adapt and build in this coming era. Rather than hide from the complex dynamics, we aim to shape it. 


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We are currently working on referral basis only

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